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International Awards for Social Responsibility in Dermatology 2019

Digital & Social Media Kit

Feel free to download and share this content to spread the word on this year’s edition of the International Awards for Social Responsibility in Dermatology!


• Here is a PDF version of the Call for application and two ‘one-pagers’ announcing the initiative

• Follow this link to watch and share our teaser video youtu.be/cdLbVkYtg2w

• We also have a Flyer and a Poster you can print as well as a Slidekit for presentations (4:3 or 16:9 ratio)

• If you want to communicate on social media, we designed visuals to fit each major channel specifications, feel free to use them on your own channels (zip archives):


• If needed, here’s a short text that sums up the initiative:

We reward social initiatives led by dermatologists having a positive impact on patients and people facing dermatological problems in 3 main categories:

Prevention and education on skin health
Consultations/patient–family information workshops, school campaigns, information campaigns, advice on environmental factors and healthy living, etc.

Improved quality of life and self-esteem for people facing skin issues
Support and help for patients in accepting their skin condition(s), psychological therapies to help reduce the stigma attached to their disease, etc.

Access to care, coverage and surgery
Free mole-screening, free consultations, travelling doctors, nurse training, make-up workshops, free reconstructive surgery, etc.

Visit inspireskinconfidence.com to learn more & apply!


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