Charity Society known as Faal to empower and support vitiligo patients in Saudi Arabia

Prof. Khalid Mohammed AlGhamdi
Saudi Arabia


This project started in 2008 and aimed to increase awareness about vitiligo, a long-term skin condition that causes pale, white patches on the skin due to a lack of melanin. People with vitiligo may frequently face discrimination and feel socially excluded. Therefore, the overall aim was to provide psychological and social support to patients with vitiligo.


The ambassadors of the initiative visited schools to educate parents and children on what vitiligo is, how to treat it and where to get treatment. Awareness was also spread via TV broadcasts. It also provided financial support to patients alongside training courses and different education programs.


This was the first ever charity for patients with vitiligo in the Arab world – offering innovative, high quality and integrated services to meet the demands of patients. The project team aimed to use the prize money to expand out into more remote areas and into neighboring countries. Back in 2015, the program had already supported 300 patients.


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