Sharing Skin Love – Skin health promotion for an orphanage and for low-income children/youth

Dr. Jeong Chan-woo
South Korea


This initiative, started in 2004, was established to help children from low-income families, without parents or those living away from their parents, to receive education on how to prevent skin diseases. They also had access to high quality treatment if they were already suffering from a dermatological condition.


Seoul was the target region, where 2,500 children in orphanages – who may face frequent discrimination and feel socially excluded – were helped.


With the prize money the team behind the initiative was planned to be used to expand the project into different areas of Korea and into other social welfare facilities. The project team also planned to research the impact of preventative education for skin diseases.


Furthermore, the dermatologists working on the project were wishing to produce a training manual to advise on the proper prevention and management of atopic dermatitis – a common condition in young people – as well as a national awareness campaign.


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