Colour of Beauty is the Colour you Own – Building Confidence in Natural Skin Colour

Dr. Nayani Madarasingha
Sri Lanka



The organization aims to advance knowledge and research in derma-tology, ensure quality care for skin-related issues, and disseminate knowledge to the public.


They achieve this through conferences, cli-nical meetings, research support, expert opinions, public education, and activities to support individuals with skin problems.


In response to the prevalence of skin whitening practices and the health hazards associated with it in Sri Lanka, the organization launched a public awar-eness campaign called «The Colour of Beauty is the Colour you Own.»


The campaign aims to promote natural skin color, educate the public about the risks of skin-lightening agents, and empower individuals with accurate skincare knowledge, ultimately reducing discrimination and improving self-confidence.


[Photo by Sander Don on Unsplash]

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