Multidisciplinary Clinic for Hansen’s Disease Patients and Families

Prof. Jorge Ocampo-Candiani


The project aim is to reduce the prevalence, incidence and comorbidities of Hansen’s disease in Nuevo Leon and neighboring states community.


The Multidisciplinary Clinic for Hansen’s disease Patients and Families was established in 1973. The clinic consists of free consultation, surgical procedure, diagnostic testing, follow-up, psychological counseling and social support for patients with Hansen’s disease and their families. An annual Christmas celebration that promotes social inclusion is organized by the Clinic, this event reinforces physician-patient relationship and the participation of personalities helps to reduce stigma and to reinforce patient’s self-esteem and self-image.


Since the beginning of the project in 1973, around 600 patients (and 500 families) benefitted from the initiative in 4 regions of the country.


With the grant, the applicant would like to develop a permanent Hansen’s disease evaluation clinic close to the main disease clusters, to develop a continuous social media campaign to eradicate stigma on this disease, to set up a program to detect resistant cases, and to continue research.


[Photo by Daniel Lozano Valdés on Unsplash]

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