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b. Third-party rights

We hereby remind you that you shall secure all the necessary authorizations and rights from any relevant rightsholders in connection with any content you may wish to post via the Website, including any and all intellectual property rights and/or literary, artistic and/or industrial property rights, and publicity rights (including the right to one’s image), to allow your quiet use of such contents. For example, you shall secure the rights in and to any contents (especially photographs) showing recent architectural items, advertising designs or apparel designs that might appear (acronyms, logos, etc.).

c. User Contents

We may make available via this Website a space dedicated to user contents, such as text, photos, videos, opinions, etc. (hereinafter “User Content”).

By posting User Content via the Website, you hereby grant Us a royalty-free, irrevocable, non-exclusive, worldwide and for the legal protection period of intellectual property rights as defined by French and foreign laws and international treaties (including any subsequent suppletive or amending regulations) license to reproduce, display, use, copy, modify, adapt, edit, distribute, translate, create derivative works from, incorporate into other works, distribute such User Content (in whole or in part).

Said use shall be authorized for all in-house or external, corporate or financial communication purposes, advertising, and for all public relations, historical or archival purposes, of L’ORÉAL Group or its affiliates, its products and/or its brands, particularly on the following media:
• Posting in all format, in unlimited quantity,
• The written press, unlimited number of publications,
• Publishing, unlimited number of publications, particularly publishing for purposes of in-house communication, including sales force and distribution network (wholesalers, retailers, agents, etc.), events, leaflets for congresses, tradeshows, stands …; B-to-B communication, in the professional press, for an unlimited number of publications and/or quantities;
• Electronic, IT, digital, multimedia, Internet and Intranet publishing, via any websites (whatever the website and/or medium, including social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Dailymotion), unlimited number of inserts and broadcasts,
• via any advertising media (including by way of advertising at retail outlets and on the L’ORÉAL Group brand products (hereinafter the “Media”).

You are hereby informed that said social networks are platforms owned by third-parties and, accordingly, the circulation and use of User Content via said social networks shall be governed by the terms of use defined by said third parties. Therefore We shall not be held responsible for any use of the content by Us or any third parties in accordance with the terms of use defined by the social networks, including without limitation, in terms of the scope and duration of licensed rights, and removal of Content. You shall be responsible for handling any third-party claims relating to the use of the Content in accordance with the terms of use defined by the social networks.

In addition, We hereby remind you that any Content may be referenced on a search engine and therefore to be accessed by an audience outside the Website.

This authorization gives Us the possibility to adapt your Content as initially fixed and/or make any such clarification to the User Content as We may consider useful, provided that the User Content shall not alter your image or words.

Further, the use of User Content may come with such anonymized information as your city, country or age, and/or, if you expressly authorized it, information allowing your identification such as your first name, or your alias.

Any such User Content as you may publish via this Website shall be chosen by you and under your sole liability. However, We would like to remind you that User Content shall not conflict with applicable legislation or accepted standards of morality, or the principles stated herein. In this regard, We reserve the right to remove at any time any such User Content as may not comply with these Terms of Use, including the Code of Conduct.

In addition, if you access User Content created by another user, you shall be required to comply with said user’s rights and you shall, in particular, not reproduce or disseminate said Content published via other media without the relevant user’s prior consent.

d. Personality Rights

By uploading your application (which may contain materials reproducing your image) on the Website, you hereby expressly and free of charge authorize us to: reproduce, represent, modify, adapt, transfer and distribute your image for all purposes of internal or external communications, as well as for all public & press relations purposes, including but not limited to the promotion of the L’Oréal International Awards of Social Responsibility in Dermatology, on the digital media (including, but not limited to any websites [such as skin-alliance.com, inspireskinconfidence.com, as well as any websites of L’Oréal Group] and social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc);

This authorization is granted free of charge, from the date of first use of your image throughout the world and without limitation as to number or excerpt, for a five (5) years term.

It is understood that communication materials reproducing your image may be difficult to remove from the social media platforms and sharing websites (such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Youtube etc.), and you agree that such communication materials may remain on the aforementioned social media platforms and sharing websites as they were originally posted provided that after the aforementioned five (5) years term, We shall not repost or authorize others to repost such materials.

The term “image” is understood as referring to the full set of attributes of your personality, including but not limited to your image, voice, family name and forenames, your signature, social media handles, capacities stemming from your professional activities and professional designation(s).

e. Non commercial use

For any non-commercial, internal or external communication for cultural, educational, documentary, journalistic, or information purposes, as well as for all corporate communication of L’Oreal Group (e.g. annual report of the L’Oreal Group, business reports of the L’Oreal Group, of its French and foreign subsidiaries, brochures, letters to shareholders, etc.), or furthermore within the framework of historic retrospectives conducted either under our responsibility and/or of any service provider acting at our request, or under the responsibility and initiative of a third party, you authorize Us to proceed or authorize, in such regard, to reproductions, representations and adaptations of your image, any User Content or Downloadable Content provided by you.

Such authorization is granted free-of-charge, for an unlimited period of time and for the entire world, on all media, without limitation as to quantity.

f. Miscellaneous

You hereby expressly declare that you hold any and all rights and all necessary authorizations required for the quiet enjoyment by Us of the rights assigned hereby, and that it shall be free and clear of any encumbrances and third party rights, security interests, claims, demands, restrictions or further liability or obligations. You represent and warrant that the content you provide does not breach a third party’s right and does not infringe any applicable law or regulation. You warrant Us without limitation, against any claims or actions made by third parties in connection therewith.



We support the values of tolerance and respect of others.

For this reason, by using this Website, you agree not to:

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• Divert the Website from its intended purpose, including by using it as a dating service;

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• Disseminate any information or content that may be upsetting for the youngest;

• Intimidate or harass others;

• Conduct illegal activities, including that may infringe anyone’s rights in and to any software, trademarks, photographs, images, texts, videos, etc.;

• Disseminate content (including photographs and videos) portraying minors.

If you become aware of any such User Content as may condone crimes against humanity, incite racial hatred and/or violence, or relate to child pornography, you shall immediately notify Us at the following email address [email protected], or by sending a detailed letter to the following address:
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specifying in your email/letter the date on which you discovered said content, your identity, the URL, description of the disputed content and the user ID of the author thereof.

If you consider that any User Content is in breach of the principles listed above, of your rights or any third party’s rights (e.g., any infringement, insult, breach of privacy), you may send a notice to the following email address: [email protected], or by sending a detailed letter to the following address:
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specifying in your email/letter the date on which you discovered said content, your identity, the URL, description of the reported content and the user ID of the author thereof.

As per the provisions of article 6-I-5 of Act 2004-575 of June 21, 2004 for confidence in the digital economy (Loi pour la confiance dans l’économie numérique), said notice shall contain:
• the date of the notice;
• if the sender is an individual: last name, first and middle names, occupation, address, nationality, date and place of birth;
• the addressee’s name and address or, if a legal entity, its corporate name and registered offices;
• a description and specific location of the reported facts (e.g., URL link to the reported content;
• the reasons why such content should be removed, including an indication of the legal provisions and qualification (justifications) applicable to the facts;
• a copy of any correspondence sent to the author or publisher of the reported information or activities requesting their interruption, removal or alteration, or justification that the author or publisher could not be reached.

Any incomplete notice may not be considered. WARNING: The fact for anyone to report any content or activity as unlawful in order to obtain the removal thereof or stop the dissemination thereof by submitting untrue or inaccurate information is punishable by a prison term of one year and a fine of EUR 15,000.



a. General provisions

We hereby remind you that inaccuracies and omissions may appear in the information available on this Website, particularly due to third parties. We hereby undertake to remove inaccuracies or to complete such information on the Website as soon as possible.

b. Hypertext links

The hypertext links included on the Website may lead you to websites published by third parties and the content of which We do cannot control. Accordingly, to the extent that said hypertext links were included on this Website for the sole purpose of facilitating your browsing experience of the Internet, looking up any third-party websites shall be your own decision and your sole liability.



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It is hereby further specified that the Internet and IT or telecommunication networks are not error-free and that interruptions and failures can occur. We cannot provide any guarantee in this regard and shall not therefore be held liable for any damage that may relate to the use of the Internet and IT or telecommunication networks, including, without limitation:
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– Any such Internet malfunction as may hinder the proper operation of the Website.

Lastly, our liability shall be limited to direct damage, excluding any other damage or loss whatsoever. More specifically, any indirect damage relating, without limitation, to any loss of profit, revenue or goodwill.



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