In this section we bring you a selection of the various projects submitted in 2019.

Dermatology among Indians: Field Training of Indigenous Health Agents and Health Teams, Skin Care and Dermatological Medical Assistance

Dr. Marcos Cesar Florian

Integrated Vitiligo Clinics toward a Better Life for Egyptian Vitiligo Patients

Prof. Samia Esmat

Let’s Win Acne Together

Dr. Svetlana Ledentsova

Implementation of the National Leprosy Strategy (2016-2020) in Nepal

Dr. Rabindra Baskota

Challenging Dermatologic Assistance in the Andean Communities of Molinos and Seclantás in Salta, Argentina

Dr. Maria Clara de Diego

Multidisciplinary Clinic for Hansen’s Disease Patients and Families

Prof. Jorge Ocampo-Candiani

Psoriasis Hand in Hand Project

Dr. Mohamed EL-Komy

Plastic surgical centrum for victims of Terror. Placet-e.V.: Plastisch-Chirurgisches Centrum Für Terroropfer e.V.

Prof. Frank-Werner Peter & Dr. Felia Elban

“Every Island Counts”. Teledermatology : Service Delivery Network (SDN) for Geographically Isolated and Disadvantaged Areas (GIDA)

Dr. Francisco Rivera, IV

Skin Care for the Cancer Patient: The GW Supportive Oncodermatology Program

Prof. Adam Friedman
United States


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