UPDATE: Deadline Extension March 15th, 2019

In this section you will discover all new 2019 projects.

Please feel free to take a look around and tell us wich ones you prefer.

Psychodermatology: beyond the visible

Dr. Mariano Marini

Educational and support program for families with a “Butterfly Child”

Dr. Margarita Gekht

Volunteer Dermatologist Dermatology Clinic for Atlanta’s Homeless at the Mercy Care Clinic at the Gateway Center

Dr. Mark Holzberg
United States

MindaNOW Teledermatology Project

Dr. Bryan Edgar K. Guevara

Free Full body, 360 degrees, 3-Dimensional Skin Imaging and Skin Checks for People affected by Albinism

Prof. Rod Sinclair

Philanthropy and The Education of Young Girls Through Social Media

Dr. Razan Kadry
United Arab Emirates

Pró-Albino Program: prevention, diagnosis and treatment of actinic skin damage, emotional support and social inclusion in albinism

Dr. Carolina Reato Marçon


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