In this section we bring you a selection of the various projects submitted in 2019.

Dermatologia Comunitaria Argentina

Dr. Isabel M. Del Pilar Casas

Anti-bleaching Campaign Targeted at Secondary School Students in South-East Nigeria with the Help of the Film Industry

Dr. Chinwe Onyekonwu

Ensuring Access to Education and High-quality Sun Protection Services for Persons with Albinism in Sub-Saharan Africa: a Strategy for Skin Cancer Prevention and Improvement in Life Expectancy

Dr. Lorea Bagazgoitia Sáez de Vicuña

E-Quality – An Expanded Use of Store-and-Forward Teledermatology (SFT) to Canada’s Northern Communities.

Dr. Jaggi Rao

Permanent Support to Patients with Xeroderma Pigmentosum in Araras – Goiás – Brazil

Dr. Gabriel Gontijo

Humanitarian Dermatological Missions to the Syrian Refugees Camp in Lebanon

Prof. Abdul-Ghani Kibbi

One Step Further: Providing Sustainable Dermatological Care in Sao Tomé and Principe

Dr. Miguel Peres Correia

Manila City Jail Skin Week Medical Mission: Dermatological Clinics for Persons Deprived of Liberties

Dr. Francisca DC. Roa

Transforming Interconnecting Program Project (TIPP): Women’s Shelter Initiative

Dr. Pearl Grimes
United States

Skin Confident: a Skin Health and Acne High School Educational Initiative

Dr. Shannon Humphrey & Dr. Angela Burleigh


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